A collection weaving emotion through slinky georgette silhouettes, contrasted with stiff, cropped + cut raw cotton tees paired with a denim borne of terra firma, giving gravity to the ideal of the IH NOM UH NIT woman. She is an opera of escaping gravity + returning to surface, from weightlessness to subtle star-gleaning iridescence before descending back to the terrestrial surface to walk gracefully amongst us, teeming with a gentle power.

This power, inscrutably embellished across sheer organza sleeves + midriffs, alongside dazzling dresses seemingly sewn from the very fabric of the cosmic bang that began us all, is equally translated through double-layered silks as light + wispy as clouds, yet as sturdy in structure as star constellations, as they fall effortlessly around her form.

A form well at home in the heavens, but well placed draped over her heavenly body amongst us on earth, it is an exhilarating experiencing worn in motion. Through ethereal translucence + elegant execution, this presentation welcomes you to the world of a wearable, celestial opera that sings through every silhouette as she moves.

— — — — — — — —