There is the world, then there is your world. The two are rarely ever the same. They may coexist, but one always tends to exist atop the other. And your clothing tends to always give you away.

Escaping into a light-filled world of lambskin plushness, across pastel & camel tones, there is a power building. The transparency of almost tulle-like hooded organza ensembles belies the youth at the intersection of these worlds: holding onto the world of innocence, yet forced to face the darkest parts of the planet. ‘No Sleep’ tees remind us stay vigilant, as this seedy tide that exists on the other side of midnight reveals its many subculture members immortalized in pop art sequined shirt-dresses & trippy shimmering tops.

Finding your way out comes in flashes: sometimes, a seemingly normal leather sports suit eases the tension, while a boxy boxing uniform suggests clinical experiments in its crisply blinding whiteness. All in all, we’re all on the run. Looking to the sun like a space ship, leaving notes behind like messages from space command emblazoned across joggers & long sleeves, our double vision exposes us for who we truly are. We are children of two worlds, with instructions on our knees & stars covering our bodies like shimmering suits of blinding light. We know what happens in both worlds.

We are the special things that happen after midnight.

— — — — — — — —