A collection in two acts, balancing masculine + feminine energies while blurring the lines that slither through each.

Act one exemplifies sharply structured womenswear formalities, in black python fabrications wrapping the body like serpents; their gilded accents reigning them in like a dark pet on its master’s leash. In contrast, the albino balance of bone-coloured, pure, raw silk lends a soft hand to backless, back-chained one pieces and neat joggers, trailing over to the blanc et noir hand micro-beaded coats and cropped jackets as deliciously formed as the world’s finest caviar & créme.

Shifting gears in tone for an encapsuled act two, heavy cotton hoodies & tees draw homage to the dark power of the upside-down, squared with white fabrications as brilliant as fresh gallery paint, seeping into tees and gold-taped tracksuits d’élégance, denoting a level of aspirational access. Ripped denim reveals ravaged beading, a deep contrast as big as the oversized fit of the sportswear set celebrating the home team.

Regardless how light or dark your chosen ‘home’, the wisdom of the snake shedding it’s skin remains : every past informs the present, every shadow is cast from light.

Choose your balance.

— — — — — — — —