A call back to mid-millennial memories of an incredibly creative time, channeled through a couture lens with uniquely Parisien sensibilities.

A fresh collection of near nostalgia with time-tested taste.

From the cafes to the Elyses, the old cobbled European streets provide backdrop to a base uniform of slouchy tees & modern jeans: stacked, rolled, folded, ripped, with hanging embellishments reflected in exquisite statement jackets, gaspingly beaded in identical method to disbelievingly torn, hand-beaded trousers. Hints of familiar visual clues exist throughout the collection, like hearing a snippet of a sample in a song from long ago. Matte black reptilian vests, overfit tees meet up with washed-lettered denim & A-line parkas with finger-sewn pearly lettering declaring ‘This Is Authentic’.

Every element authentically speaking as a cinematic frame of a memory, a mask of opulent opaqueness makes as much sense as a not-so-subtle slithering black blazer: it doesn’t. Who cares. ‘We do. So we wear.’ Says the memory of this early decade, packed away in a serpentile backpack. Working within the cycles of streetstyle, yet remaining true to the greatest moments that marked our recent memories, the options here are as high as the hi-tops featured: uncompromising, undaunted, unbothered, & untouchable.

— — — — — — — —