There’s something to be said for a casual decadence. It’s an aura; like walking amongst the patrons at the palace-housed art institution your family owns. Like you incidentally just ‘know’ how elegance works, so the nonchalance is effortless; even though your choices were influenced by taste levels instilled in you since before your birth. You’re a natural, wearing jackets of frescoes & sweatsuits of sculptural marble. At home in denim with canvas details of oil paintings as vibrant and plush as your new yet subtly sophisticated teddy coat.

Coating one’s body in garments that were crafted in artisanal processes, your knowledge of the craft is why you wear it. The story woven into every loop & weave of wondrously milky knitwear; the love of losing yourself in the hooded lambskin of a loungecoat; the paneled pieces of a complex cream-coat matching the ways of the wall fenestrations. You are art. You are walking architecture; a living appreciator of the art of living.

And by god, we are quite quietly, living quite well, aren’t we?

— — — — — — — —